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JULY 27, 2021

Dear Friends:

Once again, climate news is every hour. Our attention is rivetted on the climate provisions of the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint and the bi-partisan infrastructure bill.

Belle and the Climate Team

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By Maureen Dowd

The extremes of floods and fires are not going away, but adaptation can lessen their impact

Emissions Reductions

The airline industry might not be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for decades because most solutions are not yet viable.

The auto giant bet on hydrogen power, but as the world moves toward electric the company is fighting climate regulations in an apparent effort to buy time.

Extreme Weather

It Seems Odd That We Would Just Let the World Burn

By Ezra Klein

By Nadja Popovich, June 11, 2021

An intense drought is gripping the American West. Extreme conditions are more widespread than at any point in at least 20 years, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, the government’s official drought-tracking service. Maps display facts. 2021, worst yet.

Floods swept Germany, fires ravaged the American West and another heat wave loomed, driving home the reality that the world’s richest nations remain unprepared for the intensifying consequences of climate change.

By Somini Sengupta

Swift, deadly flooding in China this week inundated a network that wasn’t even a decade old, highlighting the risks faced by cities globally.

Wildfires, Forest Management, Biomass Uses

Strategy of creating forest fuel breaks has limited success

A Nonprofit Promised to Preserve Wildlife. Then It Made Millions Claiming It Could Cut Down Trees. The Massachusetts Audubon Society has managed its land as wildlife habitat for years.

By Mark Brown

By Mallory Moench, Kurtis Alexander

It is becoming increasingly common in California. Also known as controlled burns, prescribed burns are the practice of intentionally igniting fires to remove hazardous vegetation that can serve as fuel for larger and hotter fires.

By Sergio Olmos, Photographs by Kristina Barker

The drought and hot temperatures this summer have helped fuel the Bootleg Fire. Firefighters estimate that 95 of every 100 embers that are carried by the wind ignite into flame when they hit the ground.

Latest updates on Bay Area fires and wildfires burning across Northern California and Southern California. Interactive map showing acres burned and containment of fires.

By Tara Duggan

Climate Science

The finding by researchers runs counter to a basic tenet of climate change — that warming increases humidity because hotter air holds more moisture. It’s also bad news for fire seasons.

Political, legislation, regulatory

The plan would also create what would effectively be a tax on imports from countries with high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. 

A small but growing number of Republicans say the G.O.P. needs a coherent climate strategy and formed a “Conservative Climate Caucus” on Capitol Hill.

Officials from California, New York and other states urged the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday to allow California to set its own automobile tailpipe pollution standards, an action that would reverse a Trump administration policy and could help usher in stricter emissions standards for new passenger vehicles nationwide.

The administration says it will “repeal or replace” the rule that opened up more than half of Tongass National Forest to logging.

By Coral Davenport

The chairman of a powerful House subcommittee said he is seeking answers from Exxon and other oil and gas giants over their role in spreading disinformation on climate change.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 2307) will help reduce America's carbon pollution to net zero by 2050. It puts a fee on carbon pollution.

Fossil Fuels and Renewables

Small, privately held drilling companies are becoming the country’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, often by buying up the industry’s high-polluting assets.

A constellation of 5,400 offshore wind turbines meet a growing portion of Europe’s energy needs. The United States has exactly seven.

Debate begins over updating California’s rooftop solar rules

With more than 90,000 miles of coastline, the country has plenty of places to plunk down turbines. But legal, environmental and economic obstacles and even vanity have stood in the way.

Economics, Clean Energy, Green Economy

A great green investment boom is under way, but supply-side problems are underappreciated

We can’t even protect protected land from climate change


By Anna Sauerbrey

The country is in shock. Images of people waiting on rooftops for help, cars tossed around like toys by the water and entire houses turned to rubble are seared into our minds. Nearly 20 years on from our last major flood, the conclusion is inescapable: Climate change is right here, right now, and it hurts. But you wouldn’t know that from the country’s politics

At least four people died in a highway tunnel in central China that flooded at the same time as a subway tunnel after eight inches of rain fell in a single hour.

BRUSSELS — In what may be a seminal moment in the global effort to fight climate change, Europe on Wednesday challenged the rest of the world by laying out an ambitious blueprint to pivot away from fossil fuels over the next nine years, a plan that also has the potential to set off global trade disputes

The proposal would impose tariffs on some imports from countries with looser environmental rules. It would also mean the end of sales in the European Union of new gas- and diesel-powered cars in just 14 years.

The new report "charts the losses that result from a poor stewardship of the planet."

By Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Conservationists lobby World Heritage Committee to demand Australia reduce emissions or risk reef being placed on ‘in danger’


The Kern County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to approve a revised ordinance supported by the influential petroleum industry that creates a blanket environmental impact report to approve as many as 2,700 new wells a year.

Officials said they’ve designated two areas that can support sea-bound wind turbines: one 399-square-mile section northwest of Morro Bay and a smaller area off the North Coast near Eureka.

The state’s insurance regulator endorsed proposals that could reshape the real estate market, the latest sign of climate shocks hitting the economy.

Marin County and the Bay Area

Testimony from local residents was helpful: Bill Carney, Annika Osborne, and Belle Cole.

By Fay Mark

By Tom Flynn


Thursday, August 5, 6 pm

OFA Marin monthly meeting

Guest: Stephen Swain, UC Cooperative Extension, discussing how trees in your defensible space can best be utilized to reduce your carbon footprint.

Zoom invite.

Thursday, August 12, 7 pm, Point Reyes Books, 11315 CA-1, Point Reyes Station

Daniel Sherrell discusses his new book Warmth: Coming of Age at the End of Our World (Penguin) with Bill McKibben. Co-sponsored by the Mesa Refuge. “Beautifully rendered and bracingly honest.”

Thursday, August 12, 10 am - 12:30 pm, Environmental Forum of Marin (EFM)

Take in the Medicine of the Forest, Roy's Redwoods Preserve, Nicasio Valley Road, Woodacre

Registration $50.00. This amount covers your ticket and the ticket of a youth participant.

Tuesday, August 17, 2-4 pm

ESP Partnership meeting. Zoom invite.

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