All On The Line is a national campaign driven by

grassroots organizers who want to make a lasting

impact. Whether you care about making sure everyone

has access to quality, affordable health care, achieving

equal pay, reducing the gun violence that plagues our

schools and communities, protecting voting rights, or

dealing with the urgent threat of climate change, there

is a fundamental structural barrier that prevents

progress: manipulated electoral maps that silence the

will of the people.

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We built a strong foundation in 2019 -- tens of thousands of people signed our Citizen Commitment pledge. In North Carolina, during the recent, court ordered state legislative and congressional map redraws, we engaged North Carolinians who were concerned about the non-transparent nature of the process.

In 2020, we're committed to building power in our communities, educating voters on the impacts of gerrymandering, advocating for an accurate census count, and helping people fight back against a system of disenfranchisement. This strong foundation will be essential to winning the fight for fair maps in 2021.

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