Health Care


OFA has longstanding experience working for passage of Obamacare and defending it against Republican efforts to end it or tamper with it. Our work is part of national and regional coalitions.


Working closely with local partners (the Canal Alliance, Multi-Cultural Center of Marin, ACLU and Marin Leadership Network), we follow the issues and our members take action.


Gun Violence Prevention

We stay informed and work closely with Marin Moms Demand Action and other local gun prevention groups. We forward information to our members so they can take action.


Electing Progressives


During the election season we focus efforts where outcomes are in question:​

  • Adopt a swing district

  • Organize phone banks

  • Facilitate postcarding

  • Go door-to-door (during healthier times!)

  • Work with the presidential campaign

  • Work on local progressive campaigns​


Throughout the year we:

  • Call or write to influence our political leaders to support our initiatives

  • Contact progressives in other districts and encourage them to contact their representatives

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