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JULY 1, 2022

Dear Friends:

Happy 4th of July. Some bad news about yesterday's Supreme Court decision on the EPA’s ability to restrict power plant emissions.

From Nancy Pelosi:

“In just two weeks, the court has acted to erase reproductive health freedom, flood our public places with more deadly weapons and, now, to let our planet burn.” We have work to do.

Belle, Karen and Victoria

Links to Articles

Supreme Court Limits E.P.A.’s Ability to Restrict Power Plant Emissions (see attached)

The ruling leaves President Biden with fewer tools to fight climate change

The E.P.A.’s regulations touch nearly every sector of the economy

Governor Newsom’s Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on West Virginia v. EPA

The Supreme Court Tries to Overrule the Climate

A destructive decision in West Virginia v. E.P.A.

By Bill McKibben

What you need to know about the Supreme Court’s EPA case

In a major blow to averting catastrophic climate change, the high court limited the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants

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