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FEBRUARY 7, 2022

Much news this month. Belle, Victoria and the Climate Team

In Rust Belt, Battery Plants Spark Jobs

Lordstown could offer a glimpse into Michigan’s future, as automakers spend billions in their race to convert production to zero-emission vehicles. Giant battery factories are vital to that transition, and Michigan and other states are vying for them with tax breaks and other incentives not just for their jobs, but because of spinoff businesses to supply them.

Americans exposed to toxic BPA at levels far above what EU considers safe – study

Firefighters knock down vegetation fire in Los Gatos

Global warming goes to sea — heat waves hit oceans worldwide

California’s $1.5 Billion Action on Wildfire

Why Are Oil Prices So High and Will They Stay That Way?

Geopolitical tensions and a growing disparity between supply and demand have driven up prices. Here is what that means and what could happen next.

Seen From Space: Huge Methane Leaks

A European satellite reveals sites in the United States, Russia, Central Asia and elsewhere that are “ultra emitters” of methane. That could help fight climate change.

PBS on Jetstream and Climate

Excellent presentation updates our knowledge of current research on climate and the jet stream.

The Economist, February 7, 2022 (see attachment)

The Climate Issue

Our latest climate-change analysis

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